My name is James Shackleford and this is my modest homepage.

I am currently an assistant professor at Drexel University where I work on high-performance medical image processing techniques. Prior to joining the faculty, I worked as a post-doctorial fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital in the department of Radiation Oncology. Much of my research has been implemented as part of the plastimatch project, which is a great deformable image registration toolkit for medical images maintained by Dr. Greg Sharp.

In May of 2016, I was honored to receive the NSF CAREER award from the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI) division of the National Science Foundation (NSF) for work on low latency, parallel, and context aware vision in computed tomography.

I have authored a chapter in the NVIDIA GPU programming book GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition on the topic of accelerating deformable 3D image registration using uniform cubic B-splines. This work has been published in significantly greater detail as a featured article in the journal Physics in Medicine and Biology. In 2013, I co-authored the book High Performance Deformable Image Registration Algorithms for Manycore Processors.

Additionally, I authored a set of GPU memory extension tools for CUDA: libcuzmem and fossa.

When I can manage to set aside a good chunk of time, I also enjoy putting some development effort into either my MOS 6502 based emulator retrobox or the linux kernel. When possible, I try to keep my Japanese current.

In a "previous life" I worked in nano-scale solid state device physics, where I published a short paper on enhancing MSM photodetectors with plasmonics.

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